CAPO U.S. Inc. (CAPO) is a provider of underwriting inspection reports. CAPO has been in business since 2005. We are based just outside of Buffalo, New York. Our field representatives visit most areas of the Northeast. (contact "sales" if you have a question about a certain area).

The quality of CAPO's field representatives sets us apart from other underwriting inspection providers. While most of our competition does hiring by phone and email, we take the time to meet, in person, every single field rep that we hire! Our field reps are employees of CAPO, as opposed to being independent contractors, which is a practice of most of the competition. Our field reps are also paid through the entire training process, which lasts 3 full months! Our competitors have been known to not pay their new hires for any training time, and have a very brief online training tool. All of our new field reps spend at least one work week at our headquarters- getting to know our in-house staff in person. This builds relationships between quality control persons and the field reps- rather than having all communication be by email and phone. We believe we surpass our competition in three important areas:

  1. CONDUCT AT RISK - We stress that our field representatives always conduct themselves politely and professionally. CAPO field reps always dress professionally and display their photo ID badge prominently. Our reps are trained to always act in a courteous and respectful manner and are required to leave their business card at every site visited.
  2. TIME SERVICE - We take pride in our average time service of 18 days. As part of our effort to maintain this time service, and to ensure that no case sits in the system for more than 30 days, we have built our website to alert managers of any case that has not been completed within 21 days. This feature allows managers the needed time to address the situation. Furthermore, our website identifies and tracks all "rush" requests from the moment they are ordered until the moment they are sent to our customer. Using this system allows us to average 11 days on rush requests!
  3. QUALITY - At CAPO we relentlessly pursue continuous improvement and excellence in our products and services. Past improvements include:
    1. Building an extensive online database which allows field representatives to research unusual situations before visiting a risk.
    2. Developing a specialized email system through which quality control persons can quickly send a "teaching note" to the field representative, thereby increasing representative knowledge and strengthening communication between QC persons and field reps.
    3. Expanding our website to include a "grading system"; this allows managers to track and apply improvement where needed.

If you are a company which receives underwriting inspection reports, then please consider giving CAPO an opportunity to provide you with our exceptional services. We recognize that we are a service company and that, as such, it is imperative that we "sweat the details" in order to provide the very best service that we can.